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Summer's Here!

Written by Michael Agnew / Photography by Steve Henke / June, 2012

And what could be a better way to kick back than with a frosty brew? These artisanal beers make a great match with the fresh tastes of summer. Cheers!

(left to right)

Leffe Brown DINANT, BELGIUM Lightly sweet at the top with dark fruit flavors and a touch of green banana. Zesty herbal hops tingle on the tip of your tongue. It dries out at the end to finish clean and crisp. » ENJOY WITH: Morbier or mild, washed-rind cheese, grilled pork with chutney, simple roasted chicken, oatmeal raisin cookies

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale CHICO, CALIFORNIA The classic American-style pale ale, it highlights the citrus and pine character of Cascade hops, with bitterness that is bracing, but modest by today’s standards. Lightly caramel malt provides balance. » ENJOY WITH: Cheddar cheese, Tex-Mex dishes, Indian food, Thai food with coconut milk.

Pilsner Urquell PILSEN, CZECH REPUBLIC The original golden lager and still among the best. The floral perfume of Saaz hops is beautifully balanced against a backdrop of graham-cracker sweetness. Buy cans for the best flavor. » ENJOY WITH: Fresh and bloomy cheeses like chèvre and brie, spicy Thai and Indian food, a ham and cheese sandwich.

Victory Storm King DOWNINGTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA Rich, roasty, and bracingly bitter, it’s not as thickly sweet as many Imperial Stouts. Flavors of chocolate and coffee co-mingle with almost minty hops. » ENJOY WITH: Piquant blue cheese or aged Cheddar, chocolate desserts of all kinds.

Hoegaarden HOEGAARDEN, BELGIUM Super light and refreshing, this white ale is one of the ultimate summer beers. Its subtle orange and coriander notes play tag with the banana and spice of Belgian yeast. » ENJOY WITH: Mascarpone or chèvre cheese, vinaigrette salads (especially with bacon), baked whitefish.

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